Best Homemade Ice Cream Makers – Reviews & Machines

Equipped with an ice cream maker of your own, you can easily make a wide array of delicious frozen desserts in your own kitchen. From old-fashioned ice cream makers that use salt and ice to modern marvels complete with their own tiny freeze chambers, these convenient appliances put you in complete control of the ingredients in your ice cream, gelato, or sorbet, eliminating all the unpronounceable extras that so often go into commercial recipes.

If you are thinking about adding an ice cream maker to your kitchen, you may already know that there are a variety of types and models from which to choose. Some are inexpensive and do very little other than keep the ice cream mix moving while a bucket of ice and salt slowly encourages it to freeze. Others are much more costly, but give you the ability to make an ice cream mix, add it to the machine, and enjoy a fresh frozen dessert about 30 minutes later. We’ve gone to great lengths to objectively test a number of the most popular ice cream makers on the market.

In these reviews, you’ll find in-depth information about each of ice cream makers that we’ve tested, including offerings from companies like Breville, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach. As you read each review, you’ll find that some of these ice cream makers come with innovative features, while others are quite basic, like the models you might remember from childhood. You’ll find an FAQ section alongside each of the reviews, which we hope will make your shopping experience easier and leave you better informed.

Here are the top ice cream makers available:

1. Hamilton Beach 68881 Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach 68880 Ice Cream Maker-6Make incredible ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert, custard, or gelato in your own kitchen with the Hamilton Beach 68881 Ice Cream Maker. Available in your choice of cream or vibrant red, it makes a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Delicious, ice-cold desserts are easy to make with the Hamilton Beach ice cream maker, and there’s no need to add messy rock salt. Just pre-freeze the inner chamber, add the ingredients of your choice, flip the switch, and enjoy delectable treats in just about 15 minutes. Whether celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday, or simply looking for a homemade alternative to store-bought ice creams filled with additives, you’ll appreciate the Hamilton Beach 68881 Ice Cream Maker. Recipes are included, and additional inspiration can be found on the Hamilton Beach website. Want to make up to four quarts of ice cream the old-fashioned way? Try the Hamilton Beach 68330N Ice Cream Maker, available in white.

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2. Cuisinart ICE-21PKSLT Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-21-ice-cream-maker-2Make delicious frozen desserts and icy drinks with the Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Sorbet Maker. Featuring a freezer bowl with a double wall that helps create fast, even freezing, it makes ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and other treats with no need for ice or salt. Available in your choice of white, dark blue, red, or turquoise, it looks fantastic in the kitchen. The ideal tool for adding a special touch to celebrations such as birthday parties and holidays, and fantastic for making fantastic desserts “just because,” the Cuisinart ICE-21 ice cream maker makes up to 1 ½ quarts of frozen deliciousness per batch. Just add the fresh ingredients of your choice to the mixer bowl, flip the switch, and go. The Cuisinart ICE-21 is fully automatic, and cleanup couldn’t be breezier.

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3. Breville BCI600XL Ice Cream Maker

Breville-BCI600XL-ice-cream-maker-1Say goodbye to messy ice and make amazing frozen desserts in the comfort of your own home with the Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker. This innovative appliance features a built-in compressor, cooling ingredients down to -20 F and keeping finished ice cream cold for up to three hours. Offering an attractive appearance and intuitive controls, it lets you make gelato, sherbet, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and incredible gourmet ice cream with no fuss. Simply choose a setting, push the button, and let the machine work its magic. Stir in fun mix-ins like cookies, candies, and fruit to create desserts that your friends and family will love. Innovative, easy to use, and capable of making sumptuous treats of all kinds, the Breville BCI600XL is a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

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4. Hamilton Beach 68990 Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton-Beach-68990-ice-cream-maker-1Make frozen desserts in the comfort of your own kitchen with the Hamilton Beach 68990 Easy to Store Ice Cream Maker. Boasting an innovative collapsible exterior bucket with a cheerful red and white gingham motif, it requires much less cabinet space than a conventional ice cream maker with a hard-sided exterior bucket does. Ideal for family gatherings, holidays, and “just because,” this fantastic ice cream maker offers a powerful motor that effortlessly churns up to a gallon of ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet or sorbet per cycle. Put yourself in control of the ingredients in your dessert and say goodbye to the unpronounceable additives that are so often found in commercial ice cream recipes. Offering incredible affordability, quality performance, and an innovative space-saving design, the Hamilton Beach 68990 Easy to Store Ice Cream Maker is a fun addition to you kitchen.

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5. Whynter ICM-15LS Ice Cream Maker

Whynter-ICM-15LS-1Make all of your favorite frozen desserts at home with the Whynter ICM-15LS Ice Cream Maker. This self-freezing unit lets you enjoy the superior flavor of homemade treats, but without the need for a messy ice and salt combination or a time-consuming freezer canister. With a powerful compressor built right in, it lets you make ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet and more in just about 40 minutes. Featuring a sleek, stylish stainless steel exterior and an easy-touch LCD control panel, it comes complete with an electronic timer, a temperature display and a powerful motor that automatically shuts off when ice cream reaches the appropriate hardness. The Whynter ICM-15LS Ice Cream Maker offers a generous 1.6 quart capacity, allowing you to make enough delicious dessert to satisfy a small crowd.

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6. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, & Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BC-1Make decadent frozen desserts in the comfort of your own kitchen with the Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker. This fully automatic appliance takes all the work out of the ice cream-making process, allowing you to relax or take care of other tasks while your dessert is in the works. Simply pre-freeze the inner chamber, prepare your recipe and add it to the machine, and your treats will be ready within about 25 minutes. With a heavy-duty motor and a large ingredient spout for adding mix-ins like cookies, berries, or chocolate chips, the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence comes complete with a recipe book. Use it to make luscious frozen drinks or sweet desserts, all with the ingredients of your choice. A fantastic addition to your kitchen, this sleek stainless steel ice cream maker boasts a compact footprint and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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7. KitchenAid KICA0WH Ice Cream Maker

KitchenAid KICA0WH-ice-cream-maker-1Transform your KitchenAid stand mixer into an ice cream maker with the KitchenAid 2-quart Ice Cream Maker Stand Mixer Attachment. This cool add-on features a double-wall freezer bowl that lets your favorite kitchen appliance create ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and other sweet treats in about 25 minutes. Like other KitchenAid attachments, this one is powered by the mixer. Simply pour in the batter, position the dasher, and turn on your mixer. You’ll be enjoying delicious desserts in just a short amount of time, and best of all, you won’t be hunting for a place to store an entire new appliance. The KitchenAid 2 Quart Ice Cream Maker Stand Mixer Attachment measures 10-8/9” x 10-2/7” and comes with a one-year, hassle free replacement warranty.

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